Meeting Minutes

2019 09 10 (Tuesday) - Larry's Pizza - 18:30
The current slate of officers were approved to serve another 1 year term.

PBARC Officers for 2019-2020

President - Shane Driskill, KG5SRO
Vice President - Brandon Mobley, N5ADK
Secretary/Treasurer, Glenn Wolf, N5RN

The proposed changes to the constitution were adopted. These changes basically removed things in the constitution that were no longer relevant.

There were discussions about the trailer. KG5RO has found several trailers but many need work/tires. It was talked about that if we spend some extra money on the front end we would not have to be making those upgrades/repairs. KG5RSO indicated that he might have a connection that would have a decent trailer for us to get. It may be a month or two down the road. We are in no rush so we decided to wait and see what he comes up with.

We will most likely be doing something for White Hall Founders day which is October 19. It will like be similar to a POTA setup. KG5SRO will be following up.

Larry's Pizza management indicated that a 15% gratuity will be added to our individual tickets IF we opt to use the room in the back. Indications from those that have shared their opinions is that we will look at our options and decide our next steps.

Next meeting Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Location - To Be Determined. UPDATE: Will be at El Parian Mexican restaurant in White Hall