Field Day 2020

A very enjoyable field day. We had the luxury of working inside in the AC to avoid the high humidity that Arkansas summers usually bring. We set up and operated from Stone Bank.

President Shane Driskill, KG5SRO, Keith Cook, KK5ZD, and Glenn Wolf, N5RN were there for the entire event.

Had visitors and several hams stop by and visit - Dale, N5RAC and his wife Carolyn, KC5PUR, Bill Aycock, KC5MN and a couple of other visitors but I didn't catch their names. Susan Wolf, KC5DKF brought some drinks, cookies, and brownies by. Shane's family (Terri, Michaela and "Lays potato chips" Makenna) stopped by for a visit as well.

In addition to Field Day we had a test session and Anthony Gabriel earned his Technician license. He brought his family by later in the day to show them our setup. We actually got him to sit down and make his first HF contact. It was with someone in Missouri if I recall correctly.

It was a good field day.